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To prevail in the face of your organizational challenges and stay one step ahead of the industry, communication that is clear, aligned to goal and impactfully delivered both internally and externally is core to your success. Our communication consultancy project work is underpinned by quality research, circumstances evaluation and brand understanding, resulting in design and deployment with flexibility of tapping into most suited tools and formats.

We have helped clients design and deliver programmes including:

  • Accelerating leadership communication skills

  • Cross-functional strategic planning workshop facilitation

  • Press roundtables, roadshows, media interviews

  • Business pitch content and skills for fund-raising

  • Navigate brand change and/ or brand launch narratives

  • Align sales, customer service and brand message delivery

  • Enhance virtual and hybrid work team management


01 Discover

Our offer is one of co-creation with your organization. 


The process begins as we conduct formal and informal inquiry to fully understand your communication challenges, opportunities, your brand’s vision and culture. We deploy methods such as interviews, focus groups, desk research, psychometrics and customer or team workshops. Together, we systematically identify factors of influence that are connected to your overarching organisational strategy.

04 Deliver

We guide participants through formal and informal learning experience: highly interactive delivery with inspirational cases, guest speakers and activities directed from us, along with your internal stakeholders.

02 Design

We commence the design process to map out how we can meet your organization needs through clear process steps that are evidence-based. We will review with you a high-level programme design and provide feedback on the goals, timeframe, structure and flow.


Key elements of programme design will include:

  • Programme narratives in sync with our strategy

  • Set of clear goals and objectives

  • Thoughtful sequencing, timeframe and structure

  • Industry-relevant case studies 

  • Platform for reflection, feedback and review

03 Develop

We design activities that encourage learning and reflection, while utilizing frameworks that apply learning to a context. Depending on the objective, your team will experience a variety of learning means, such as:

  • Field observations

  • Industry case studies

  • Simulations

  • Role play

  • Executive coaching

  • Appreciative Inquiry summit

  • Facilitated innovation workshop

05 Measure

We work with you to determine the appropriate means of impact evaluation. Common measurements would include: Individual participant feedback, quantitative and/or qualitative results from stakeholders such as surveying board members before and after the programme etc. to assess changes in behaviour related to the learning goals.


Recommendations will be drawn up on how to cascade the knowledge in your organization or whether the programme has achieved the desired outcomes according to your key benchmarks and timeframes.

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