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Communication is the art to make common

Our ability as individuals, teams or brands to build connections and cultivate meaningful relationships
set us apart from other species on planet earth.

Laura's Story

Laura is a Dutch-Chinese entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, a motivational trainer and a sought after trilingual facilitator. She founded media and events firm Lighthouse Consultant Limited in 2006, which is her second entrepreneurial venture.

Laura was born in Malaysia, raised in Hong Kong and has lived briefly in the city of Taipei, she embraces an international mindset of communication. Her solid mastery of three languages, namely English, Putonghua and Cantonese, gives her coaching a distinctive multicultural perspective.

She holds an Executive Masters from INSEAD in Consulting and Coaching For Change and is trained in Appreciative Inquiry and Action Learning.


She delivers management learning programmes for corporate and government clients in Asia. As an external consultant to change and communication projects, working with group dynamics in organizations of all sizes are both enjoyable and meaningful to her.


She loves books, coffee and is a dog-lover.

Successful is doing what you love,

Enjoying fulfilling personal and business relationships,

While exerting a positive impact on the world along the way.

Laura believes team or individual's communication excellence forms a momentum for change.

Development programmes we offer cover: executive presence, positive messaging, leadership and change dialogue, impactful storytelling, persuasive pitching, etc., where we align personal upskilling with organisational goals.

In her 20 years working in Southeast Asia and Greater China, Laura has developed an acute interest in positive communication. Her coaching for corporate clients and aspiring executives has received high acclaim: powerful, inspiring and engaging are feedback most received. To date, Laura has conducted training sessions for over 6,500 people across Asia.

We look forward to welcoming you, where authentic and meaningful connections await.

Our Service


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