Times are changing rapidly. As organizations are challenged to thrive in the new world of work, leaders serve a pressing and fundamental role:
the trusted communicator.


The role of leadership communication has evolved from sharing brand value and business strategy,
to becoming exceptional communicators:
to understand people and situations, nurture intrapreneurs, motivate and inspire teams, and often times to conduct difficult conversations.  


We take the approach of working from the mindset of communication to achieve authentic, timely and clarity in messages. Skillset is a toolbox while mindset is the key to unlock that box. 


Topic: Leading with Power and Charisma

Charismatic leaders send out the right signals through their presence, they exert an aura of enthusiasm and passion and make others feel respected, trusted and empowered.  This module inspires leaders to think, act and engage with confidence, positive mindset and emotional resilience. 


By taking a look at:

“We like people who are similar to us”. 

“When people accept and like you,
go the extra mile.”

“Be likable in person and virtually.”


Topic: Executive Presence and Impactful Presentation

Executive Presence, in its simplest term, is your ability to project confidence and attain trust. To inspire your team to take meaningful action and have people hold you on high regard to follow and respect. Successful leaders are able to influence those around them to accomplish the organization’s shared objectives.


This module will introduce techniques to cultivate your Executive Presence. From active listening, to storytelling, to emotional intelligence and the most advanced techniques in maintaining engaging impromptu speeches, topic presentation and questions handling, this course develops your gravitas as a leader.


Topic: Transitioning from Manager to Leader

The responsibilities as a senior level staff are much greater than at the manager level: bigger promises, greater consequences of success or failure, and being prone to heightened pressure as well as constant spotlight. To ascend from a manager to a leader, one inevitably faces many obstacles. Oftentimes, this transition is about letting go of certain skills and beliefs and developing new ones.


In this module, we will dissect the skills of transitioning and entering the unknown, constant learning, and bringing about possibilities. By building yourself as a growth mindset leader, you will find it easier to come up with innovative strategies, seek pragmatic feedback, encourage experiments, collaborate with allies, and embrace process learning.