Effective Positive


Communication is the desire to make common.


Becoming comfortable with and succeeding in the skill of public speaking will make a difference to every step of your career. Humans are naturally drawn to stories or anecdotes they could relate to. Whether you are presenting a new initiative to your peers and managers, or providing an update of information to external parties, communication skill has a large part to play. If you wish to increase your chances of receiving support from the audience and establish quality partnership, this is the series to look at.


Topic: Shaping and Telling a Compelling Story

This module aims to build attendee’s awareness of the power of successful plot and its delivery. We will guide you to craft meaningful stories to emotionally engage your audience and illustrate a concept or trigger a perception change. We adapt to organizations’ training contexts in the aspects of crisis management, branding, sales and marketing, human resources management and more.


Topic: Delivering a Powerful and Successful Pitch

This module is designed to equip you with skillset and ability to secure attention and create a lasting impression through powerful pitches. From structuring the idea, verbalizing it and making it resonate and memorable with the audience, you will be empowered to win the support of your stakeholders, with or without visual aids. Be prepared for in-class activities packed with action and trials.


Topic: Positive Communication and Influencing

This module sets out to develop a refreshed mindset to turn difficulty into possibility, with emphasis on positive communication. From looking at the science and ideas around positive communication, to helping you build constructive dialogues with colleagues and even yourself, this course covers everyday scenarios that will increase your influence in your organization.