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Development Offerings

Addressing organizational pain points for impact is part of our everyday conversation with executives and HR business partners. Real life business cases are an inspiration to our course designs and interventions.

In each module, a scenario video will be followed by an introduction on how we could facilitate change. As learning and development needs are unique, we are happy to share a detailed course design after an initial conversation. Email for more: contact@lauracoz.com



New challenges are presenting themselves in various shapes and forms with expedited speed of development.


As leaders, the ability to understand, navigate and drive change will ensure business success in the dynamic environment. This series is created to
build competence in the area of change psychodynamics, change models and application of change communication in order for leaders to adeptly equip their teams for new opportunities.


Times are changing rapidly. As organizations are challenged to thrive in the new world of work, leaders serve a pressing and fundamental role:
the trusted communicator.


The role of leadership communication has evolved from sharing brand value and business strategy,
to becoming exceptional communicators:
to understand people and situations, nurture intrapreneurs, motivate and inspire teams, and often times to conduct difficult conversations.  


We take the approach of working from the mindset of communication to achieve authentic, timely and clarity in messages. Skillset is a toolbox while mindset is the key to unlock that box. 



Communication is the desire to make common.


Becoming comfortable with and succeeding in the skill of public speaking will make a difference to every step of your career. Humans are naturally drawn to stories or anecdotes they could relate to. Whether you are presenting a new initiative to your peers and managers, or providing an update of information to external parties, communication skill has a large part to play. If you wish to increase your chances of receiving support from the audience and establish quality partnership, this is the series to look at.