Change and


New challenges are presenting themselves in various shapes and forms with expedited speed of development.


As leaders, the ability to understand, navigate and drive change will ensure business success in the dynamic environment. This series is created to build competence in the area of change psychodynamics, change models and application of change communication in order for leaders to adeptly equip their teams for new opportunities.


Leading Change and Developing Agility

As a leader in times of change, your team will always look up to you to provide a vision and respond with agility during periods of growth, disruption or uncertainty. 


This workshop provides a framework for driving organizational change. Learn about change factors and bespoke change models to align your business strategy with your challenges. You will better understand the possible impacts of change and its natural resistance, and how to leverage the human response to strengthen problem-solving ability in the face of resistance.


Appreciative and Organisational Performance

Appreciative inquiry is about looking for the best in people – in the way they work, they live, and they behave. This module facilitates and inspires organizations in seeking, deploying and adopting a strength-based approach to cultural exercises and team management by focusing on what is possible (positive) rather than what is wrong (negative). 


The facilitator will engage the audience through four stages of dialogue, namely Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny. We tap into the organization’s collective intelligence, prioritize, and allow solutions to emerge. Collectively we create lasting positive change. 


Organisational Strategic Direction Workshop

In a time of transition, what worked in the past may not proliferate in the new economy. Having said that, heritage and tradition of a brand and its culture is timeless. 


In figuring out the way to move forward, setting the course and aligning team efforts is key. Sometimes, vague definitions of success and competing priorities could deter growth and make the first step difficult. The course facilitator will engage participants to explore and identify organizational challenges and opportunities with aids of strategy models if necessary. Through the goal refinement sessions, we will crystallize the shared goals, direction and action steps.